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Frequently asked questions:

When should a decision about hospice be made and who should make it? 

It is appropriate to discuss all care options, including hospice, at any time during a life-limiting illness. The decision belongs to the patient.  Suite Living Hospice staff are available to help with this discussion. 

When is it time for hospice and how do I know I am eligible? 

To be eligible for hospice care, a physician must certify that an individual has a terminal illness. Most patients and families choose hospice care when they want to focus on comfort measures and quality of life rather than futile medical treatments. We recommend speaking with the patient’s physician to discuss care options. If hospice care is appropriate, the physician will provide a referral to a hospice of your choice. Suite Living Hospice is available to make a hospice consultation to patients and families. 

Where will I receive hospice care? 

Hospice is available wherever you reside, whether home, Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility.  Suite Living Hospice is the preferred provider for hospice services in Suite Living Assisted Living Facilities 

What are the costs of Hospice Services?

Medicare covers the Hospice benefit at 100 percent.  Most Medicaid and commercial insurance have hospice coverage.

Can patients take themselves off hospice?

Yes. A patient may elect to “take themselves off hospice” and resume regular medical care at any time. They must inform the hospice agency of their intent to do so. Signing off hospice does not impact the ability to elect the hospice benefit in the future.

How does a patient get admitted to hospice?

Please call Suite Living Hospice for a referral 

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